.:: Deionization Systems and Reverse Osmosis Systems ::.


Reverse Osmosis systems filter the substances which are dissolved in water and have bigger molecules than the water. In this way, the water is purified by 99%.

Water molecules are forced to flow through a semi permeable membrane by pressure. This spirally wrapped membrane is 50 and 5000 times smaller than the known viruses and bacteria respectively. Unwanted materials, heavy metal, viruses and bacteria etc. are automatically eliminated.

The system provides clean and healthy water. It eliminates the heavy metal, viruses, and bacteria by 99.9%.

Deionized Systemsremove the ions dissolved in water by ion replacement process to purify the water. In deionized systems, the ions in water are removed by the use of anionic and cationic resins. In this way, very low conductive pure water is obtained.

Deionized systems are used in chemical industry, the production of cosmetics and detergent, the manufacture of stainless steel goods, the production of glass, electronics industry, chemical industry, offset printing, the laboratories, and the production of battery fluid.