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HILYE SU operates in the production of water purification systems sector since 1989.

Our company was established in order to meet the changing and developing demands of the water purification system customers in a fast and seamless way and to address the water purification needs with the quality of HILYE SU. Since then, our firm has been serving companies, individuals, institutions and business people in various sectors.


Is to meet the meet the demands of our changing and developing business partners in a seamless and fast manner through our professional staff and the application of modern management systems, and to be an environment friendly leading company that follows the innovations in the water purification systems sector, presents the best quality and products to its customers and maximizes the customer satisfaction.


Is to make HILYE SU the most wanted and preferred brand in the manner of service, labor, product quality in the water purification sector; to become a leading, respected and developing company together with its employees, suppliers and public which aims to provide high quality products and service; and to be one of the most remembered brands in the water purification sector.


Is to meet the needs and demands of

1-       Our customers with quality,

2-       Our firm with efficiency and competitive power,

3-       Employees with working environment and conditions,

4-       Public with care for environment and regulations

Through constant development of our products and processes and adding value to our each and every activity.

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